The Charlotte Lacrosse Foundation will provide lacrosse scholarships to those in need. These awards will be distributed to deserving individuals who otherwise would not have the opportunity to play youth lacrosse. Scholarships will be need‐based. CLF scholarship selection will not be based on talent or achievement of the player. To apply for a scholarship please fill out and return the CLF Hardship Scholarship Application.

First Sticks Program

The Charlotte Lacrosse Foundation believes that to grow the sport of lacrosse, kids need to be playing not only in their schools and with local teams, but also with their friends at home and in parks. Like with most sports, but especially with lacrosse, young men and women can only become proficient at the basic skills needed to play the game of lacrosse if they are practicing at home – and for that they need a stick.

CLF will work with local lacrosse organizations to provide young boys and girls who are interested in lacrosse with their first lacrosse stick and a ball for practice at home.

Equipment Program

It is the desire of the Charlotte Lacrosse Foundation to insure that no child is turned away from the sport of lacrosse because his family cannot afford the cost of the equipment. Having good, well maintained and properly fitted equipment is paramount to the safety of young lacrosse players.

New Start Program

The Charlotte Lacrosse Foundation will run a New Start Program for beginning youth, Middle School and High School programs for both boys and girls. The new start program will provide equipment to help launch local lacrosse programs. The “New Start Package” consists of 2 goals, 2 nets and a bucket of balls. This package is valued at approximately $800.00. A representative from CLF will deliver and help set up the goals.

Field Development

The Charlotte Lacrosse Foundation   understands the importance of providing athletic fields in communities. There has been an emphasis on providing opportunities for exercise, but the costs of creating athletic fields can be very high. A CLF Field Development Grant can be a key to offsetting some of the costs.

Free Lacrosse Clinics

The Charlotte Lacrosse Foundation will partner with top coaches in the area to provide free lacrosse clinics to help introduce new players to lacrosse.  This is a great avenue to introduce a young athlete to lacrosse. This is a great avenue to introduce a young athlete to lacrosse.

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